What Is Carbon Black?

Carbon black is composed of fine particles consisting mainly of carbon.Various features of carbon black are controlled in production by partially combusting oil or gases.Carbon black is widely used in various applications from black coloring pigment of newspaper inks to electric conductive agent of high-technology materials

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Basic information of Pigment Carbon Black

Basic information of Pigment Carbon Black

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Worldwide Carbon Black Market Over 12 Million Metric To

Tires and rubber products represent the major end-use applications, accounting for about 90% of global carbon black market, as stated by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. Developing economies in Asia Pacific, Middle East/Africa and Latin America emerge as the largest and the most lucrative markets in the upcoming years

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Market study Carbon Black

Global demand for Carbon Black to rise dynamically: market volume is expected to increase by more than 3.1 million tonnes until 2019. The major share of Carbon Black consumption is processed in the production of tires of all sorts; this segment consumed over 7.8 million tonnes in 2011

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Carbon Black plant

Carbon black plant: Process uses reactor with gas or oil to produce carbon black

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The production process of Carbon Black

Carbon black is an engineered compound made from a coal-based feedstock derived from coke making and known as anthracene oil.

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What is the difference between Carbon Black and Pigment

In today's world our consumption of Carbon Blacks registers approx.6 800 000 t. The majority are used in rubber applications, hence the name "Rubber Blacks".

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What is Pigment Carbon Black?

Carbon black as pigment that used in coatings & paints, inks, plastics and etc is called pigment carbon black. Pigment carbon black can also provide function of conductivity, electrostatic shielding, shielding against UV, preventing resin’ aging in application for coatings & paints, inks, plastics. Hence, in a broad sense pigment carbon black is called speci

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