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What are the best methods to solve the Pigment Carbon Black dispersion ?

Now Pigment Carbon Black is widely used in the market, especially in petroleum, ink, paint, plastic and other products, which can play a very good coloring effect.

But when we use carbon black, if we cannot solve the dispersion problem of pigment carbon black, it will be difficult to produce ideal finished products. So what are the methods to solve the problem of dispersion?

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Increasing the grinding times of pigment carbon black can solve the dispersion problem.

We compared the grinding times separately and found that the repeatability of grinding 6 times and 8 times was better, while the grinding of 4 times was uneven and the repeatability was poor. It is ideal to grind 6 times and 8 times like this. However, it is time-consuming to grind 8 times, so the number of grinding times will affect the use effect of carbon black. Too few times will affect the quality of the finished product, and too many times will affect the production time. If you compare to ink the standard sample after grinding it and leave it for about 30 minutes and then ink the sample, the result is lower.

Adding an appropriate amount of pigment carbon black dispersant can solve the dispersion problem.

Dispersant can promote the dispersion. Carbon black manufacturers will also add dispersants when producing pigment carbon black, which can improve the dispersibility of carbon black.

Selecting highly dispersed carbon black pigment can solve the dispersion problem .

Comparing high-pigment carbon black with low-dispersion carbon black, it is found that under the same grinding times without adding a dispersant, the product produced by high jetness carbon black is closer to the ideal, while the low-dispersion carbon black has a large difference upward.

However, the price of high-dispersion carbon black will be relatively high, which will increase the cost, and low-dispersion carbon black will affect the quality of finished products.

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