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Antistatic & Conductive Carbon Black for Battery, Rubber, Plastics

China conductive carbon black supplier, Beilum Carbon have developed a wide portfolio of performance Conductive Carbon Black used in lithium-ion batteries powering electric vehicles and consumer electronics. And also in polymer compounds used in electronic devices and the automotive industry.


Conductive Carbon Black for Lead Acid Batteries /Lithium-ion Batteries,Plastics, Rubber


Carbon Black for Lead Acid Batteries

It is used in negative active mass electrodes of automotive batteries and industrial batteries

Carbon Black for Lithium-ion Batteries

Conductive Black is an essential additive in lithium-ion batteries. It is used as an additive in small dosages to ensure that the non-conductive active material (e.g. Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide) are electrical connected with each other and the current collector. Conductive Carbon need to have a low resistivity, high conductivity and very good dispersibility.

Conductive carbon black provide enhanced conductivity performance to battery electrodes

Conductive plastics are used for automotive fuel systems, electronic and electrical packaging and equipment, and other plastics applications. Conductive carbon black Play an important role in plastics manufacture. It offers a superior price-performance ratio and stable properties , Will improve conductivity when mixed into plastics.

Recommend Grades : CCB-10, CCB-20, CCB-XT1, CCB-XT2
Application: Battery, Rubber, Plastic, Paint, Ink, Pigment Paste, Epoxy resin, Foam, Cable material, anti-static, Leather.


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