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China Pigment Carbon Black Supplier For Sealant and Adhesives

Beilum -Pigment Carbon black is typically a key ingredient in Adhesives & Sealants, are used as rheology modifiers. China carbon black manufacturer


Beilum offer Pigment Carbon Black for Adhesives & Sealants application with weather resistance, thermal stability, adhesion and aesthetic, reinforcement, conductivity and rheological properties features.

Carbon black is typically a key ingredient in Adhesives & Sealants.

Silicone Sealants are usually used in weatherproofing and structural glazing applications in the construction industry, sealing and gasketing applications in appliance and transportation industries, and potting and encapsulation in the electronics industry.

Our Pigment Carbon Black are used as rheology modifiers in adhesive applications. ncrease bond line dimensional stability until cure, as well as add reinforcement to increase cohesive strength.

Application area: structural adhesive, butyl and silyl-terminated polymer adhesives and sealants.

Carbon Black Pigment fill the demand for high-performance polyurethane products to serve the automotive, construction, packaging, and electronics markets.

For the sealant and adhesives market,Beilum Carbon recommended Pigment Carbon Blacks

Sealant & Adhesive application : BX165 (formerly as BS020), BSA50, BX205

Pigment Carbon Black For Sealants and Adhesive
Pigment Black For Sealants and Adhesive, Low moisture
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