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Pigment Carbon Black Used for Fertilizer – High Tinting and Dispersion

Chinese wholesalers pigment carbon black for fertilizer has low-dust, homogeneous granules. The fertilizer’s milorganite allows for easy application.


Fertilizer is an important source of essential nutrients for plant growth, and there are many kinds of fertilizers, with various colors and shapes, the most common of which are white and black ( Pigment Carbon Black ).

which are actually the result of the addition of Pigment Carbon Black and an essential element, as it plays an important role in plant growth. Black soil is one of the most fertile soils with rich nutrient content and high fertility level.

The main requirements of pigment carbon black for compound fertilizer are: easy dispersion, good purity, high coloring, good color phase, no impurities, These suitable for the processing of compound fertilizer, and play an excellent effect.

Through the above we can see the end, adding Carbon Black to the fertilizer, fertilizer is scattered into the soil or nutrient solution, it will make the plants grow stronger.

  • Recommend Beilum Carbon Grades:  BSP1, BSP2, BL180,BL240 used for making Black Coating Fertilizer granules.

Powder form pigment carbon black for fertilizer

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