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Pigment Carbon Black Used for Papermaking with High Color and Dispersion

Beilum Pigment Carbon black used in papermaking industry, as a black paint to produce black, gray, or dark paper and cardboard with high color, good dispersion and good gloss.


Paper Application

Recommend CARBON BLACK Grades: BSP1, BX195

High jetness pigment carbon black for Papermaking


  1.  Pigment Carbon Black used in papermaking industry, as a black paint to produce black, gray, or dark paper and cardboard.

2.Carbon black and other organic pigment than, its price is relatively cheap, light fastness and chemical material. And his coloring and shading sex is good, still can make paper with electrical conductivity.

Use carbon black colored paper, often used in packaging material, avoid light packaging materials (such as film wrapping paper), all kinds of atlas paper, high voltage cable, paper, etc.

3. Black paper coloring method has two kinds:

1) The whole staining method, that is, to join in the pulp molding agent, strengthening agent, filling agent and pigment carbon black in the pulper writing again after mixing dispersion method, adding amount of silica is about solid content of 6% to 7%.

2) Will be made into liquid coating or colored ink on paper surface contact method. Due to the overall color uniform and stable quality, good durability, so it is the commonly used method.

If direct use powder or granular speciality carbon blacks paper, because of the commonly used carbon black is hydrophobic, in aqueous pulp mixing and dispersion, and easy to equipment and environment pollution. So can be added in the carbon black cationic and nonionic wetting agents, is carbon black dispersion in pulp mixing.

Paper use pigment carbon black can choose size 20-30 nm, surface area, 80-120 g / ㎡, DBP is 90-140 ml / 100 g, 100-110% of the black pigment colouring.

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