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How to solve uneven dispersion of Conductive Carbon Black ?

The particles of carbon black itself are very easy to aggregate into larger particles, which are difficult to stably disperse in the water-based system. According to the characteristics of carbon black, it is poorly dispersed and difficult to disperse. Conductive Carbon Black supplier in China.

Therefore, the solution to the dispersion problem of carbon black is to use carbon black The premise of black, especially when using carbon black, more attention should be paid to the dispersion problem.

What are the factors affecting the dispersion of conductive speciality carbon black?

The physical properties of carbon black itself, dispersants, and dispersing equipment, especially when using carbon black for coloring, uneven dispersion of carbon black powder will lead to serious consequences, directly affecting the hue, blackness and hiding power of the product. Of course, when using carbon black, it is also necessary to pay attention to the dispersion of conductive carbon black.

Influence of uneven dispersion of conductive carbon on products

When using carbon black to increase conductivity, poor dispersion of conductive carbon black will lead to the following consequences: unstable conductivity, poor conductivity, and substandard quality such as fracture.

Solution for uneven dispersion of conductive carbon black

1. Purchase high-quality conductive carbon black and require a certain dispersibility. Generally, powdered conductive carbon black has better dispersibility than granular conductive carbon black, and powdered carbon black can be purchased.

2. Add the correct carbon black dispersant, the carbon black dispersant is also different, you can choose the corresponding carbon black dispersant product according to the adsorption group of carbon black.

3. Replace the carbon black dispersion equipment. The type of dispersion equipment will also have a certain impact on the dispersion of carbon black. Like a grinder, different ink grinding machines have different effects on grinding ink carbon black. Choose a more suitable ink grinding equipment is very important.

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