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Speciality Carbon Black dispersion quality problems and good solutions

Dispersion is one of the important indicators of speciality carbon black and is also an indicator required by many products. However, it is often impossible to provide the best carbon black performance products due to poor quality of the dispersion and poor stability of the final product.

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Dispersion quality and stability issues are reflected in the colorant paste, coating appearance and final performance. Some common problems and solutions are as follows:

1. Poor color paste dispersion will lead to a decrease in blackness, brown tint and low gloss. This problem will also appear in the final paint. If this problem is caused by the resin solids or the chemical structure of the binder, it can be improved and resolved with a good binder diluent. However, if it is caused by poor dispersion, it can only be solved by extending the grinding time or preferential carbon black dosage, followed by longer grinding.

2. “Coarse”, “sand” and “agglomerate” are commonly used terms to describe the small gel-like agglomerates that appear due to the instability of the dispersion. The solution to this problem is to achieve good dispersion effects by improving equipment, adding additives or other methods.

3. The increase in viscosity caused by the large amount of speciality carbon black will cause overheating during grinding, which is not conducive to heat-sensitive base materials. This excessive heat can lead to the formation of gels, which affects the quality and stability of the dispersion. This overheating often occurs when slice dispersion techniques are used. Reducing the amount of speciality carbon black added and properly controlling the temperature can alleviate this problem.

The use of post-treated speciality carbon black additives, dispersants and wetting agents can help overcome boundary line stability issues and improve the fluidity of the color paste.

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