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Comparison of Channel Carbon Black with Furnace Carbon Black and Thermal Carbon Black ( Pyrolysis Carbon Black )

The raw material of Channel Carbon Black mainly uses natural gas with methane as the main component, it is also called Gas black.

Brief description of the production process of Channel carbon black

The reduction layer is in contact with the slowly reciprocating trough steel, so that the cracked carbon black is deposited on the surface of the trough steel, and the carbon black is scraped off by the scraper set on the funnel and dropped into the funnel.

The carbon black is scraped off and dropped into the hopper, and then outputted and granulated into the product by screw conveyor.

Main applications of Channel carbon black

Channel Carbon Black is mainly used in food contact carbon black varieties, but also used in large tires and off-road tire tread material, mainly natural rubber or isoprene rubber, and other rubber products that need high elongation performance, and also used as coloring in ink, paint and plastic.

The Channel Carbon Black in the rubber adsorption accelerator ability is very strong, and has a delayed vulcanization effect.

Advantages of Channel Black vs. Furnace carbon black and thermal carbon black

Channel carbon black has a finer particle size and a larger specific surface area than Furnace and thermal carbon black. Also, due to the specific production method, the surface is oxidized and contains more oxygen-containing functional groups and is acidic.

The degree of aggregation of these carbon black particles is low.

Due to the high content of oxygen-containing functional groups, it can slow down the vulcanization of rubber, improve the weather resistance of polyolefin and give good flow and printing properties of ink.

The development status of Channel Carbon Black

Pigment Carbon Black has long been found to have poor electrical conductivity due to the very low yield of Channel Black with many oxygen groups on the surface, and the price of natural gas has risen too much, making the economic situation of Channel carbon black bad.

Since the air pollution problem caused by the channel method of Carbon Black production cannot be economically solved, the production of Channel Black is decreasing at home and abroad.

Channel Carbon Black For Rubber, Paints & Coatings, Inks,

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