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How to choose excellent Carbon Black Pigment For High Grade Waterborne Ink ?

The carbon black used in ink is different from other Carbon Black Pigment. Although the coloring ability can be achieved, the carbon black used in high-end ink should have better water solubility. Ordinary pigment carbon black is not completely soluble in water.

Pigment Carbon Black Ink Formula

The ink prepared by compounding sodium carboxymethyl cellulose and xanthan gum is generally more stable than the ink using a single thickener, and the optimal dosage is 0.5% and 0.3% of the water quality, respectively. When the mass ratio of SN-6100 to carbon black is 20%, and the mass ratio of K30 to carbon black is 26%, the neutral ink obtained by compounding at this time is very stable.

The best process for manufacturing neutral ink is: using the given experimental conditions, 1000mL liquid is dispersed and sheared at high speed for 9 minutes, and ground at high speed for 120 minutes. The overall performance of the ink is the best.

Pigment Carbon Black used for Waterbased inks -Beilum Carbon

Why use carbon black for high-grade ink?

The carbon black components used in high-end ink paintings are mainly carbon black pigment particles. Chinese paintings using this kind of ink are not easy to fade. This is because the carbon in the ink is chemically stable at room temperature. Therefore, fill in: at room temperature, the chemical properties are stable.

What type of carbon black is good for ink painting?

To make carbon black for ink, it is necessary to choose carbon black with good dispersion, high fluidity, medium and high blackness, environmental protection, and good water solubility. Generally, such carbon black belongs to medium-pigmented gas carbon black .

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