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Process and performance characteristics of Oil Furnace Carbon Black and Contact Carbon Black – NEW

Production process of oil furnace Carbon Black

Oil furnace black is a carbon black produced by burning and cracking liquid hydrocarbons such as coal tar or petroleum oil in a reaction furnace at 1200-1650°C. Referred to as oil furnace black.

According to the structure and form of the reaction furnace, it can be divided into hard furnace black and soft carbon black. The hard black carbon is used to produce super wear-resistant furnace black, super wear-resistant furnace black and high wear-resistant furnace black. The soft black carbon furnace can produce fast extrusion furnace black, general furnace black and semi-reinforcing furnace black, etc.

Production process of contact Carbon Black

The flame of raw material gas combustion is in direct contact with the lower temperature collection surface, so that the contact black generated by cracking is cooled and attached to the collection surface to produce carbon black.

The contact method black has small particles, good dispersion and good reinforcing performance, but the production cost is high and the output is low. It belongs to hard black, mainly used in rubber tire tread.

Comparison of the performance of oil furnace black and contact black

Compared with other carbon black manufacturing methods, the oil furnace method is able to produce a wide range of CB species with different properties, and has many means of process regulation, high unit capacity and thermal energy utilization, low raw material consumption and energy consumption, and low cost.

This means that the furnace method is characterized by a wide selection of raw materials and a wide range of properties of the produced carbon black.

However, the performance of contact black carbon is better than that of some other production processes, such as small particle size, good dispersion, and good reinforcement performance.

Beilum carbon black process - Oil furnace carbon black

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