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Application of Rubber Carbon Black in rubber industry, Carbon Black Best China manufacturer

Rubber Carbon Black is a common and important filler material widely used in the rubber industry. Carbon black can significantly improve the strength, wear resistance, anti-aging properties and electrical conductivity of rubber, making it an indispensable key material in the rubber industry.

Carbon black, also known as carbon black, is a finely granular carbon material with colors ranging from black to gray. Due to its large specific surface area and highly dispersed fine particle structure, carbon black has become an important additive in the rubber industry. It has the advantages of enhancing rubber properties and improving rubber processing properties, and plays an irreplaceable role in rubber products.

Properties and types of Rubber carbon black

Properties of rubber carbon black

  • Carbon black is carbon particles produced by processes such as pyrolysis carbonization, partial combustion or deposition pyrolysis. Its particle size is usually between 10 and 500 nanometers. Carbon black is characterized by large surface area, light specific gravity, black color, good electrical conductivity and chemical resistance. These properties make it potentially useful in a wide range of applications in the rubber industry.

Types of rubber carbon black

  • According to different production methods and uses, carbon black can be divided into various types such as pyrolytic carbon black, thermal carbon black and deposition carbon black. Among them, pyrolytic carbon black has the characteristics of large specific surface area and fine particles, and is suitable for occasions in the rubber industry that require high filler dispersion. Thermal carbon black is characterized by its uniform particles and moderate specific surface area, and is widely used to improve the processing properties of rubber.
The role of carbon black in the rubber industry

Enhance rubber strength and wear resistance

  • Carbon black is used as a filler material in rubber, which can increase the strength and hardness of rubber and improve the wear resistance of rubber products, making it more suitable for various complex and harsh usage environments. Carbon black-filled rubber products are widely used in tires, conveyor belts, rubber tubes and other fields, providing more reliable support for people’s daily lives and industrial production.

Improve rubber processing properties

  • The addition of carbon black can increase the viscosity of rubber and improve its fluidity, which is beneficial to the operating performance of rubber during extrusion, calendering, molding and other processing processes. This characteristic is particularly important in the production of rubber products, helping to reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.

Improve the aging resistance of rubber products

  • Rubber Carbon black has good anti-ultraviolet and anti-oxidation properties, which can effectively delay the aging rate of rubber products and increase their service life. In applications such as outdoor rubber products and rubber seals, the addition of carbon black can significantly enhance the weather resistance and durability of rubber products.

Adjust the conductive properties of rubber

  • Rubber Carbon black is an excellent conductive material. Its addition can make rubber conductive and is widely used in electrostatic protection and electrical industry. For example, antistatic flooring, conductive rubber tubes and other products are inseparable from the support of carbon black.
Application of carbon black in rubber industry

tire industry

Tires are one of the most important application areas of carbon black in the rubber industry. The addition of carbon black can improve the tire’s anti-wear performance, reduce rolling resistance, enhance grip and stability, and make the tire perform better at high speeds and complex road conditions. Carbon Black N234

Rubber seal

Industrial carbon black is widely used in the production of rubber seals. By adjusting the type and content of carbon black, rubber seals can have different hardness and aging resistance to adapt to various sealing needs. Carbon Black N550

Industrial conveyor belt

In industrial production, carbon black-filled rubber conveyor belts are widely used in material transportation, material packaging and other aspects. Its wear resistance and strength ensure the long-term reliable operation of the conveyor belt. Carbon Black N550

Rubber tubes and fittings

The addition of carbon black makes rubber pipes and pipe fittings have good pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. They are widely used in industrial pipelines, hydraulic systems and other fields, providing important pipeline transportation guarantees for industrial production.  Carbon Black N660

Electrostatic protection products

As an excellent conductive material, carbon black is widely used in the field of electrostatic protection. For example, products such as anti-static flooring, anti-static gloves, and electrostatic conductive tapes all need to add carbon black to give them good conductive properties, thereby protecting equipment and personnel from static electricity hazards. Carbon Black N220

Rubber cables and wires

Carbon black plays an important role in the manufacture of rubber cables and wires. It can not only improve the wear resistance and aging resistance of rubber cables, but also enhance the conductivity and ensure the stability and reliability of electrical signal transmission.

Car parts

In addition to tires, Rubber carbon black is also widely used in the manufacture of other rubber parts for automobiles, such as rubber pads, rubber seals, rubber pipe fittings, etc. These parts play key connecting, sealing and buffering roles in the automotive industry, and the addition of carbon black makes them more durable and durable, meeting the high performance and safety requirements of automobiles.

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