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What are the factors that affect the quality of carbon black, China best carbon black supplier

Carbon Black feedstock oil is basically composed of alkanes, aromatics and asphalt, etc., and its properties affect the quality and yield of Black Carbon to a large extent.

The main requirements of carbon black production for raw oil are high aromatic content and low asphaltenes and impurities. The evaluation of raw oil mainly considers its aromatics content, asphaltenes and colloids, free carbon content, sulfur content, alkali metal content, moisture, density, distillation range and average boiling point, relative index, hydrogen-carbon ratio, viscosity and other aspects.

1. The influence of raw material oil quality on the basic properties of carbon black

Because the raw material oil we use for carbon production is composed of various raw material oils. The hydrocarbon composition of various raw oils is different, and the cracking process and the time required to generate carbon black are different.

The more types of mixed hydrocarbons in the raw oil, the more complicated the formation reaction process, and the greater the impact on the quality (properties) of carbon black, especially the uniformity and structure of carbon particle size are not beneficial, very Difficult to achieve uniformity of particle and structure.

Mixed hydrocarbon feed oil has a great influence on the uniformity of carbon black particle size, the more types of mixed hydrocarbons, the worse the uniformity of particle size. It can be seen that the use of a single hydrocarbon feedstock and a feedstock with a narrow distillation range is the best choice for pigment black 7 production.

As mentioned above, aromatics in raw oil are the main components of carbon black. Raw oils with high aromatic content can produce products quickly and in a short time. The resulting particles have uniform particle size and high structure, and the yield of Pigment Black 7 also increases accordingly On the contrary, when the alkane content in the raw oil increases, the structure decreases, and the yield also decreases; moreover, when the content of asphaltenes and colloids in the raw oil is high, it will also cause its structure sex decline.

2. Effect of feedstock oil quality on properties of carbon black vulcanizate

The reinforcing effect of carbon black on vulcanizate depends on Its particle size and structure. If the particle size distribution of Black Carbon is uniform and moderate, the reinforcement of vulcanized rubber is good.

For example, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of improving the reinforcing performance of vulcanized rubber by using mixed hydrocarbon feedstock oil and feedstock oil with wide distillation range distribution to produce Pigment Black.

The quality of feedstock oil is closely related to the quality of pigment carbon black, which not only has a significant impact on production, but is also one of the most important factors determining the quality of Black Carbon.

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