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What is Lamp Black ? Lampblack 101 with excellent dispersibility and highly resistant tinting.

The lamp smoke method carbon black is also called Lamp Black , the lampblack process is an ancient carbon black production method.

Introduction of Lamp Carbon Black Technology

The lamp smoke method is to add the raw material oil into the shallow pan at the furnace mouth at the upstream end of the reaction furnace, and burn it with a large flame under the condition of limiting the amount of air, burn a part of the raw material oil and air to generate heat, and make the other part of the raw material oil Cracking produces carbon black.

Lamp carbon black is a relatively old carbon black production method with small output and low cost. It belongs to soft carbon black and is rarely used in industry.

What raw material is lamp black made of?

Lamp black pigment is burned on a flat burning iron plate with a diameter of up to 1.5m with carbon black raw material oil, and the combustion gas containing carbon black is collected by an exhaust hood with bricks inside, and then passed through an elbow Fold 1/4) and the fire pipe to the deposition device, and finally collect the carbon black.

Production process of lamp black

Aromatic hydrocarbon oil is supplied with a certain amount of air in an open shallow pan with a limited area to make it burn to generate carbon black smoke, which is discharged and sent to the settling chamber, and the settled carbon black is regularly taken out to obtain carbon black. The lamp smoke method carbon black, also referred to as lamp black. The remaining carbon black in the flue gas is recovered with a bag filter.

Lamp Black - China Carbon Black - Beilum Carbon

Physical properties and uses of lamp black

The basic particle diameter of lamp smoke black is relatively large, and its reinforcing performance is not good, so it is rarely used in the rubber industry. But it has a bluish phase and good dispersibility. It is a toner in the paint industry. It is used in plastics as a toning carbon black with good anti-separation performance; it is also used for paint toning and covering layers for metal casting. , batteries, graphite parts, hard cermets, etc.

Advantages of lamp carbon black pigment and other production process carbon black

The lamp black pigment has superior dispersibility, good fluidity, good stability, and high purity, but the lamp smoke method carbon black has large basic particles and poor reinforcing performance.

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