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Application Examples of Specialty Carbon Black & Conductive Carbon Black

Carbon Black is a basic material with a long history, and it has been used as a coloring agent since the days before Christ. Since carbon black has nano-particles with various functions such as ultra-violet absorption and conductivity, it is still being applied to new fields such as electronic equipment and devices. Some applications, which is a conventional yet new material, are shown below.

1 ) Coloring Agent for Ink and Paints

Specialty Carbon black has higher tinting strength compared to iron black or organic pigments, and is widely used for newspaper inks, printing inks, India inks, and paints. Carbon Black Powder is also used as black pigment for inkjet ink or toners.

carbon black powder for inks

2 ) Resin and Film Coloring Agents

Black Carbon has high tinting strength and is thermally stable, and therefore it is suitable for coloring resins and films that are heat-formed. It is also excellent for absorbing ultraviolet light, providing both a superb resistance against ultraviolet rays and a coloring effect when just a small amount is mixed with resins. Plastics Carbon Black is widely used for general coloring for resins and films. Resins with carbon black are used in automobile bumpers, wire coverings and steel pipe linings which require weather resistance in particular.

Plastics carbon black for Film, Masterbatch,specialty carbon black

3 ) Electric Conductive Agent

Conductive Carbon Black particles have the graphite-type crystalline structure, providing an excellent electric conductivity. Therefore, It is widely used as conductive filler, being mixed in plastics, elastomer, paints, adhesives, films, and pastes.Fuel caps and fuel-introducing pipes of automobiles, for example, are required of electric conductivity for preventing static. Therefore, conductive carbon is used as an excellent antistatic agent.


4 ) Electronic Equipment Related Material

Specialty Carbon Black also provides stable resistance, and therefore is used as electronic equipment related material in various display components, magnetic recording materials, and OA rolls.

electrical component

Furthermore, Beilum Carbon Chemical has been developing specialty carbon black with various combined functions for special applications.

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