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High Color Pigment Carbon Black China manufacturer Used for Film & Sheet

Beilum Carbon Black offer superior color and premium ultraviolet UV protection For Film, Sheet ( Agricultural Mulch, Packing & lamination film, Food packing), China pigment carbon black manufacturer & supplier


High color Pigment Carbon Black for Black Masterbatch (Film & Sheet application ) with better dispersibility and filterability, smoother surface finish , processing is easily.


UV Protection: Pigment Blacks enhance the service life and weatherability performance of films like geosynthetics by offering excellent UV protection and superior hiding power.

Beilum products offer superior color, covering power and premium ultraviolet UV protection For Film, Sheet

High-color specialty black gives decorative films their deep black color, providing excellent surface smoothness and filterability.

Our products are used in a variety of film and sheet applications including consumer and food packaging, lamination film, bags, agricultural films and geosynthetics.

Film & Sheet

  • Recommend Grades: BX165, BX185, BX195, BSP1, BSP2, BS50, BS80

Plastics carbon black for masterbatch

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