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Beilum Channel Pigment Carbon Black for Foam Glass with high blackness,good fluidity,easy dispersion


Channel Pigment Carbon Black is used as a black pigment and has properties such as coloring, UV protection and conductivity in foam glass.

Foam glass is a lightweight and high-strength building material and decorative material with superior thermal insulation (cold preservation), sound absorption, moisture-proof and fire-proof properties. The operating temperature range is minus 196 degrees to 450 degrees. It is Class A non-combustible and has the same lifespan as the building. It has thermal conductivity The coefficient is 0.058, and the moisture permeability coefficient is almost 0.

Recommend Beilum Channel Black Grades: BL220A, BL110U, BC2200.

China Pigment Carbon Black for Foam Glass application - Beilum Carbon

Foam glass with such high-quality characteristics will also use channel black. This is mainly because channel carbon black has an irreplaceable role in other products.

Channel process pigment carbon black has the characteristics of high blackness, strong tinting power, good fluidity, easy dispersion, stable blue color, resistance to migration, aging resistance, excellent UV resistance, anti-oxidation properties, etc., and can be directly combined with foam glass The raw materials are compatible, easy to stir, uniform in color and low in addition amount.

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