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High quality Conductive Carbon Black for inner and outer shielding materials


The internal and external shielding materials of high-voltage power cables require conductive carbon black with low resistivity, high dispersion, small particle size, large and rough specific surface area, high structure, and clean surface (less compounds).

Recommend conductive carbon grades:  BS80, BS90

1.) Conductive carbon black for inner shielding materials

Conductive carbon black, as the material of the inner shielding layer, has high antistatic performance, can effectively suppress external interference and reduce noise, thereby protecting the stability and reliability of the equipment and allowing the electronic system to operate normally. At the same time, it also has the advantages of moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, and high electrical insulation, and is an ideal material for the inner shielding layer.

2.) Conductive carbon black for outer shield materials

In order to make the insulating layer have better contact with the metal sheath, the outer surface of the insulating layer is generally covered with an outer shielding layer. At this time, the shielding material should be in good contact with the metal sheath, and the conductive carbon black used is different from that used in the inner shielding material.

Choose conductive carbon black for inner and outer shielding materials according to the different KV of the cables produced, such as inner and outer shielding materials for 10kv cables, inner and outer shielding materials for 110kv cables, and inner and outer shielding materials for 35kv cables. There are certain differences in the conductive carbon product indicators of cable materials.

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