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Pigment Carbon Black for Black cardboard / Papermaking


Carbon Black for papermaking / Cardboard is a type of pigment carbon black . It can not only be used in black cardboard and black paper, but also Used in fruit bag paper, pear paper, apple paper and other special papers.

Carbon Black has high blackness, high tinting power, and good hue. The particle size is 20-30nm. The physical form is powder, more than 200 mesh. High-quality Carbon Black powder can be as high as 800 mesh. The paper produced by carbon black for cardboard has the characteristics of fine paper, black core, strong and thick paper with large weight, good folding resistance, smooth surface, good stiffness, good tensile strength and high bursting resistance.

How to use carbon black powder for black paper

When adding carbon black to black paper, you need to add a carbon black dispersant, but not all carbon black dispersants are acceptable. If you need to use a cationic dispersant or wetting agent, you can use alkyl sulfonate, aryl alkyl sulfonate hydrochloride. Natural or modified lignosulfonate hydrochlorides are particularly effective, and non-ionic wetting agents such as hydroxyethyl compounds are particularly effective. The wetting agent content is 0.5%-12% of carbon black, and is also between 5%-10%.

To produce black cardboard, should we add carbon black pigment paste or directly add carbon black pigment ?

Carbon black is required for coloring in the production of black paper, but many people do not know whether to use carbon black pulp or directly add carbon black to produce black cardboard.

In fact, both methods can produce black cardboard.

Black cardboard with color paste added has better strength indicators (breakability, folding resistance, etc.) than black cardboard with carbon black added, because when the same blackness is achieved, the amount of carbon black in the fiber added with color paste is It is very small, because the increase in pigments and fillers will reduce the bonding force between fibers.

However, black cardboard with pigment carbon black added directly is relatively more economical, but increasing the dosage and increasing the blackness will cause powder and color loss. Generally, it is divided into two sides, adding in the slurry and applying on the surface.

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