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China Conductive Carbon Black used in Water-based conductive ink with excellent conductivity

Recommend Beilum carbon black grades: CCB-20, CCB-XT1

Advantages of conductive carbon black in water-based conductive ink

Water-based conductive ink added with conductive carbon is environmentally friendly, has good conductivity, and has good adhesion to glass, metal, and plastic films that are difficult to brush.

conductive carbon black From Beilum Carbon

Production steps of adding conductive carbon to water-based conductive ink

1. Put the water-soluble acrylic resin, conductive carbon black, water, dye, etc. into the dispersing kettle in the correct amount required by the formula, and stir thoroughly to disperse evenly.

2. Transfer the dispersed materials to the sand mill and grind until the fineness reaches less than 10um.

3. Filter the ground material and disperse it evenly with antistatic agent and additives to obtain the required ink.

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