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Metallurgical Carbon Black for continuous casting materials in steel plants


Metallurgical Carbon Black in continuous casting materials is mainly used as an additive in steel production, specifically as a heat preservation agent, carbon blending agent, and drainage agent in the steel production process. The smaller the ash content, the better.

Metallurgical carbon black is often chosen for continuous casting materials in steel plants.

Beilum Carbon recommend Grades: BWA, BWB

Carbonaceous materials are skeleton materials for the production of steel and have the ability to control the melting rate of mold slag. Different types of steel use different mold slags. The changes in composition are mainly based on the physical and chemical properties of the mold slag. Common types of carbonaceous materials include carbon black, coke, graphite, etc.

Adding metallurgical carbon black to the continuous casting material is regarded as a method to improve the corrosion resistance of the nozzle.

Adding 0.5-5% metallurgical speciality carbon black to the ingredients can increase the life of the nozzle from 6 pours to 9 watering times. It is mainly a carbon adhesive based on resole phenolic resin or novolac resin or other polymeric materials. Other additives used for reinforcement include C, Si, Al, and Mg, etc. to prevent carbon oxidation. There are SiO2 and other fibers (including metal fibers) that improve thermal shock resistance.

Metallurgical Carbon Black for continuous casting materials in steel plants

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