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CARBON BLACK N330 Best Seller – High Abrasion Furnace (HAF) grade Carbon Black China manufacturer


Carbon Black N330 is the most widely used high wear-resistant carbon black, with an iodine absorption value of 82g/kg and DBP 102cm3/100g.

Carbon Black N330 mainly used in Tires (Solid Tires, Tread, Castings, Beads and Cord Rubber), Conveyor Belts, Rubber Products (Mechanical, Roller & Moulded and others) which requires optimum balance of abrasion resistance, hysteresis and viscosity properties and Inks and Paints.

China Carbon Black N330 - Beilum Carbon

Main Characteristics

1. Middle structure, fine particles

2. Features high reinforcement

3. Moderate thermogenesis

4. Good conductivity

5. Good workability

6. Good bending resistance

7. Good blackness

Carbon black N330 is the most widely used high abrasion furnace black.The abrasion of the N330 compounds is lower than ISAF compounds but better than those of channel black-compounds.

Carbon black N330 is used in the tread compound, cord fabric compound, inner tire and industrial compound with good re-inforcement, resulting in good tensile properties, crack resistance, abrasion and elasticity.
The hysteresis loss of the passenger tire filled with N330 is lower than the compounds with other N300 series except N351.

The N330 has good dispersion and extrusion properties too, suitable for various synthetic rubbers and natural rubbers.

China Carbon Black N330 - Beilum Carbon

Carbon blacks are fine particle size, highly reinforcing carbon blacks used most commonly in tire applications.
Medium sized, semi-reinforcing grades for use in a variety of rubber compounds.

They offer improved tensile strength and modulus as well as increased abrasion resistance in tires and other rubber products.

The less reinforcing grades enhance the extrudability  and mold flow of compounds while the highly reinforcing grades are recommended for compression molding applications.

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