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Conductive Carbon Black for Lead-Acid Batteries, Hot Sales carbon black CCB-20


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Lead-acid battery (VRLA) is a battery whose electrodes are mainly made of lead and its oxide, and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. In the discharged state of a lead-acid battery, the main component of the positive electrode is lead dioxide, and the main component of the negative electrode is lead; in the charged state, the main components of the positive and negative electrodes are both lead sulfate.

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Electrode location of conductive carbon black for lead-acid batteries

Lead-acid batteries are different from other batteries in that the carbon black used mainly acts on the negative electrode.

The role of carbon black for lead-acid batteries

Adding conductive carbon black to the negative electrode of a lead-acid battery can improve the conductivity of the negative active material of the rechargeable battery. It can also increase the porosity of the plate, which can absorb more electrolyte, which is beneficial to the supply of acid during discharge, thereby improving the performance of the electrode. discharge capacity.

At the same time, conductive carbon black has strong adsorption properties and can improve the charge acceptance of the electrode.

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