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Wet Process Carbon Black N330 Granular Form

Carbon Black N330  is the most widely used high abrasion furnace black.The abrasion of the N330 compounds is lower than ISAF compounds but better than those of channel black-compounds.


Carbon black N330 is black bead or granular or grain and amorphous solid, it is odorless with burning point more than 400°C, water insoluble, non-poisonous, stable chemical properties, excellent weather and light fastness.

It is a kind of carbon black of furnace process and high ware-resistant. Its specification is medium gain diameter, typical D.B.P, wide range of general purpose application. It has excellent strengthen for tire and rubber products. It 45μm residuum on sieve less then 200ppm . So use for rubber production it can improve the fineness. Use to tread can improve wear-resistance and anaphase, reduce the rubber products number of reject and seconds.

N330 is excellent reinforcing properties, could make rubber better stretching intensity, better resisting avulsion intensity, better wear resistance, and better elasticity. Better extrusion and better dispersion when N330 was used for rubber, it fits for all kinds of compound rubbers and nature rubbers.

Product name: Carbon Black N330

C.I. No.: 77266

Color Index: Pigment Black 7

CAS NO.: 1333-86-4

EINECS NO.: 215-609-9

Type: Black pigment

Delivery Form: Granular

Molecular Formula: C

Molecular Weight: 12

Iodine Adsorption No g/kg 82±7
CTAB Absorption No Specific Surface Area 103m2/kg 73~91
Nitrogen Adsorption Specific Surface Area 103m2/kg 71~85
STSA 103m2/kg 75±9
DBP Absorption No 10-5m3/kg 102±7
DBP Absorption No (compress sample) 10-5m3/kg 80~96
Tint Strength % 96~112
Heating Loss % 2.5
Ash content % 0.5
Pour Density kg/m3 380±40
Fines % 10
PH 5~9
Impurity NONE
45um Sieve Residue % 0.1
500um Sieve Residue % 0.001
Stress at 300% Elongation Mpa -0.9±1.6

China Carbon Black N330- Beilum Carbon

Carbon black N330, N220, N326, N550, N660, N375, N234,N219,N774- China Beilum Carbon

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