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High Resistance Conductive Carbon Black for Electronic components


Carbon Black for electronic components is a key material for organic solid resistors and organic solid potentiometers, and is mainly used for conductivity in products.

Previously, it was difficult for acetylene carbon black to achieve a resistance value above 100kΩ, which required new electronic components to use high-resistance conductive carbon black.

Carbon black has a great influence on the electrical properties of resistors. Under the action of an electric field, the beilum carbon black particles dispersed in the medium will automatically orient, reducing the resistance of the complex, making it difficult to make high-resistance resistors.

Nowadays, many resistive components have very high resistance requirements. In the past, electronic components whose resistance values could vary from tens of Ω to several MΩ could be satisfied by using ordinary conductive carbon black. However, now the resistance requirements of resistive components are As high as 100kΩ or more, ordinary conductive carbon black cannot meet the requirements, which requires high-resistance conductive carbon black.

The amount of carbon black added is also an important factor affecting the stability of the resistor. Therefore, on the premise of ensuring the resistance value of the resistor, the carbon black content should be increased as much as possible. If the carbon black content is too small, the resistor resistance will fluctuate greatly, the voltage coefficient and current noise will also be loud, and the stability characteristics, load life, moisture resistance, etc. will also become worse.

High-resistance conductive carbon black can not only be used in resistive components, but also in battery products, anti-static products, surface coatings and other industries.

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