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Application of Pigment Carbon Black in Printing Inks. Best Carbon Black Seller in China

Pigment carbon black is used as a coloring pigment in inks, paints, coatings, plastics and other products. According to the coloring intensity (or blackness) and particle size, it is generally divided into four types: high color pigment carbon black, medium color pigment carbon black, general color pigment carbon black and low color pigment carbon black.

The main functions of pigment carbon black in ink include four points:

1.) provide higher gloss and tinting power;

2.) low mixing and grinding costs;

3.) help improve the performance of lithographic printing;

4.) The last point, which is currently receiving widespread attention, is that there are no dust or associated environmental issues.

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The finished ink is produced from a base product formed by mixing carbon black pigment into oily resin. Because the carbon is dispersed in the resin, it can be fully wetted before it is used to make inks or be used in the printing process. A certain curing time allows the carbon black particles to be wetted out and result in the production of better printing inks.

The wetting time is a fixed amount because the particle size of carbon black is small, generally around 25nm, which is the smallest of all pigments used in ink manufacturing. Because of its small size, the pigment cluster formed will have a considerable surface area, and the wetting time will be longer than that of large particle pigments. speciality carbon black

The development trend regarding carbon black and dispersion has actually caused less dramatic changes than it did when it first appeared.

Ink manufacturers have used wash colorants instead of dry-milled pigments as a starting point for making red, yellow, and blue inks. Currently, ink manufacturers are more inclined to choose dry-grinded carbon black. After all, the cost of purchasing dry carbon black and the resin raw materials it is mixed with is not high.

However, when considering the cost of the lower process, the extraction and filtration to heat set the ink, and the reasonable re-roller mill for tablet encapsulation, it is also very obvious whether the cost of the actual finished ink is higher or lower.

In most cases, the ink will be used reasonably, but to some extent will achieve optimal properties. This is also a significant drawback to the printing effect.

By applying pre-dispersed carbon black, the ink manufacturer can outperform its competitors. It is easier and faster to obtain high-quality black ink using dry carbon black as raw material. At the same time, the problem of dust that is unique to the processing process will be avoided. To obtain highly concentrated carbon black, very powerful equipment is required. This needs attention.

However, strong concentration is required for general printing inks, which can make the product have high strength and good gloss. Other improvements to printing include coordinating the balance of ink and water during the printing process.

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