specializes in research & development and production of Carbon Black

Considerations for selecting Beilum Carbon Black

Carbon black can be found around us.

Black Carbon is the most commonly used black pigment. It is used in almost all the black things around us, including black paints for automobiles, black printed documents, and black furniture.

We are not conscious of the existence of carbon black in our daily lives, however, it exists unnoticed around us. Please look at a black thing that we do not usually notice in daily life. You may actually find a difference in color if you compare many different shades, all of which are usually called “black.”  The color may slightly look reddish, bluish, or whitish. All the black colors are not the same.

It also appears in the world with many slight variations in hue.

It is a light-absorbing particle. The blackness and color tone are determined by the balance between light absorption, transmittance, and scattering.  Blackness and color tone vary greatly with the particle size and structure of CB, and are affected by dispersion in practical use.

Therefore, it is necessary to consider these factors in selecting grades.Beilum Carbon Chemical has been not only manufacturing carbon black, but also been developing “Blackness of Carbon Black,” offering carbon black suitable to various applications.

We also recommend grades for applications other than coloring in response to customers’ requests. Feel free to contact us via this bc@beium.com or inquiry form.

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China based company specializes in research & development and production of Carbon Black.

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