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Carbon Black Pigment used in Dyeing for Plastics

Carbon black Pigment can usually good to plastic in color, it can choose pigment black according to color characteristics or chemical properties, the color of the choice of carbon black with varieties are basically decided in finished product’s black degrees.

An extremely fine carbon black pigment can complete meet the requirement in black for special high coloring.

PE garbage bags, plastic bags, such as cable material products only black for the medium level, it can use low specific surface, the structure of high carbon black variety;

plastics carbon black pigment for masterbatch, Film

When color in Plastic, the tiny error when carbon black weighing and ingredients, all can lead to clear off color, therefore, appropriate USES large particle, low tinting strength carbon black pigment, then the carbon black use will be large, weighing error smaller, and the dispersive is good, the price is low.

For gray plastic, using fine grained carbon black pigment usually present in palm gray, and use coarse particles carbon black pigment can be produced blue grey.

Compared with other organic pigments, carbon black in addition to the more difficult scattered, other performance was well. Scientific carbon black with the quantity can provide a good or conductive antistatic.

Pigment Carbon Black basically is non-toxic, but more easily to float in the sky and pollution, so often with color master batch form for used in plastic industry, it eliminates the pollution at the same time also improved carbon black in plastic dispersing.

Carbon black as pigment used in plastic, the commonly form is granular and powdered. Granular dust carbon less flies, but scattered is more difficult; therefore, color powder carbon black is used in plastic.

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