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High-Performance Specialty Carbon Black Advances Meet Emerging Needs

Performance requirements for specialty carbon black are increasingly important in the development of advanced coating, ink and polymer formulations as the need for more eco-friendly products grows.

The overall “greening” trend of the global coatings industry has several implications for pigment blacks.

Coatings manufacturers are demanding raw materials that are less toxic and more compliant with existing (and future) environmental regulations.

At the same time, Specialty Carbon Black, in many cases, must deliver outstanding coloristic performance in both waterborne as well as solventborne systems.

New high-performance pigments can help meet these emerging needs through the following new developments.

Improved Waterborne Performance:

Thanks to a technical modification of the furnace black reactor, it is possible to manufacture a new class of fine-particle-size carbon black to meet the more demanding dispersion and performance needs in waterborne formulations.

These unique properties provide high jetness and a distinct bluish undertone, while maintaining good stability in waterborne applications.

Raw Material Reduction and Sustainability:

The same technology used to provide high performance in waterborne applications can be further enhanced through surface modifications, and result in carbon black pigments that can give outstanding performance in both aqueous and solvent systems.

The coatings industry is pushing suppliers for more sustainable raw materials, in part to be less dependent on fossil fuel feedstocks – and related price volatility. Another driver is the move toward corporate sustainability.

Although the move toward high-performance carbon black for waterborne coatings is a step in the right direction for eco-friendly formulations, it does not meet the need for sustainability.

Therefore we developed a new grade of carbon black pigment using renewable feedstocks. This multi-functional carbon black allows formulators of coatings, inks and polymeric materials to develop truly sustainable products.

Improved Resource Management:

Specialty Carbon black is often considered the most difficult pigment to disperse, especially in waterborne systems. It typically requires the use of milling equipment, special additives and long periods of milling.

New dry dispersion technology allows for easy dispersion of carbon black into an aqueous system with a dramatic decrease in time, energy consumption and the elimination of dispersing aids.

To fully appreciate the impact of these developments, it is important to understand the general dispersion parameters and characteristics of specialty carbon black.

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