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Dispersion problem of Pigment Carbon Black, China Carbon Black Supplier-Beilum

The dispersion of pigment carbon black is an important indicator. The main purpose is for the product to be in a uniform distribution state when using pigment carbon black, which will directly affect the hue, blackness and hiding power of the product. When using carbon black for coloring, poor carbon black dispersion will lead to the following consequences:

  • 1. The color intensity of the product is unstable, high and low, and the blackness of the pigment carbon black cannot be fully displayed, and the apparent color is not good;
  • 2. The distribution of the product is uneven and streaks may appear;
  • 3. Surface unevenness in inks, coatings and other products can cause printing problems;
  • 4. During the extrusion process of blown film, unbroken carbon black agglomerates cause the film bubble to tear and the filter screen to become clogged;
  • 5. Causes breakage of monofilaments and flat filaments, reducing the mechanical strength of the product.

Improving the dispersion of pigment carbon black mainly starts from three aspects. The dispersion of carbon black is mainly controlled by three factors: the size of the original particles of pigment carbon black, the level of structure and other properties; the type of carrier or dispersion medium, after adding the dispersant , will be coated on the surface of carbon black particles, thereby reducing the cohesion between carbon black particles to a certain extent and helping to disperse carbon black.

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