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Effect of softener on Carbon Black dispersion

Softener is one of the commonly used additives in rubber, which can make Carbon Black better dispersion and mixing, and improve the mixing process. It can increase the plasticity and fluidity of rubber material, and at the same time improve the physical and mechanical properties of rubber, improve the elasticity of vulcanized rubber, abrasion resistance and so on.

So, what aspects of the softener will have an impact on the dispersion of carbon black?

  • First, the impact of the type of softener: the addition of softener can improve the dispersibility of carbon black, but not the same type of softener on the carbon black of different effects, including the best aromatic oil.
  • Second, the softener to add the order of influence: in the mixing process generally add carbon black last add softener, this operation can increase the dispersion of Black Carbon, the main reason is that the viscosity of the rubber will increase with the increase in the amount of CB, more conducive to the dispersion. Therefore, the reverse operation will make the viscosity of the rubber and carbon blacks dispersion decreased.
  • Third, the softener to join the impact of time: adding softener time should be reasonably controlled, softener added too early, will affect the Pigment black dispersion, resulting in poor dispersion. Softener added too late, will extend the mixing time, resulting in poor mixing.
The influence of carbon black‘s own factors on the dispersion:
  • 1. Particle size: the larger the particle size, the easier it is to disperse.
  • 2. Structure: the higher the structure, the easier to disperse.
  • 3. Oil absorption value: the lower the oil absorption value, the easier to disperse.
  • 4. Specific surface area: the smaller the surface area, the easier to disperse.
  • 5. Improper use of dispersing equipment and dispersing additives have the same effect.

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