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Effect of the structure of Pigment Carbon Black on the dispersion

Key characteristic that affects the dispersion of pigment carbon black is the morphology of the primary aggregates, which is called “structure” in the industry. Pigment carbon black with a large number of chain branch structures characterized by primary aggregates composed of many primary particles is called “high structure carbon black”.

If you want to buy pigment carbon black with good dispersion, you must know the key factor “structure” that affects the dispersion of carbon black pigment.

alkaline pigment carbon black and acidic pigment carbon black

Pigment carbon black can determine the amount of available voids between and around primary aggregates based on the degree of structure. This void is caused by the degree of “packing” of the aggregates.

High-structure carbon blacks have relatively large voids and therefore adsorb more oil per unit weight than low-structure carbon blacks of similar specific surface area because the looser aggregates are not packed tightly. As the structure rises, this manifests itself in higher viscosity and greater hardness of the batch.

The accumulation phenomenon directly affects the ease of dispersion. For example, low structure carbon blacks pack more tightly so that the distance between the aggregates is smaller and therefore the attractive force is greater, making it more difficult to disperse. However, while low-structure carbon black requires more energy to disperse evenly due to its higher density, it is easier to “wet” or blend because there is less entrapped air to eliminate.

Under the same conditions, high-structure specialty carbon black is easier to disperse than low-structure specialty carbon black. If the selection of pigment carbon black requires the performance of high-structure carbon black, then in order to achieve better dispersion, other factors that affect the dispersion of carbon black can only be changed to improve the dispersion of carbon black.

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