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Is Carbon Black a Dangerous Good?

Many people think that Carbon Black is a dangerous product when they hear. In fact, It is not a dangerous product. This national document clearly states that the dangerous category of CB is not included. Therefore, it can be confirmed that it is not a dangerous product.

Dangerous goods are mainly flammable, explosive, highly corrosive, poisonous and other items in general. And Black Carbon is not in this range.

Carbon Black is not flammable

CB is a product obtained by incomplete combustion or thermal decomposition under the condition of insufficient air. In the production process, it sometimes reaches hundreds of degrees Celsius, so It is not flammable at room temperature, even at 100 degrees Celsius, carbonblack will not burn, so It is not flammable.

Carbon Black is not an explosive product

If carbonblack is explosive, wouldn’t it be very dangerous to produce, and the early Black Carbon refers to the black ash formed by people burning animal and vegetable oils, pine branches, and collecting fire smoke, which is used to prepare ink and black pigments. So It is not explosive.

CarbonBlack is not strongly corrosive

The so-called corrosive items must be packaged in specific packaging, and the packaging of carbon is usually made of kraft paper, which is not within the scope of packaging of corrosive items. It can be seen that it is not strongly corrosive.

CarbonBlack is not toxic

The main chemical component of pigment black 7 is C, which is carbon. The element carbon is very stable and non-toxic.

However, carbon black is a black pigment, which has the functions of coloring, reinforcement, and conductivity, and is often used in industries such as rubber, ink, paint, and coatings.

Moreover, a lot of carbonblack is powder form. Once the packaging bag is damaged, it is easy to cause pollution. Therefore, various procedures will be required when shipping by sea. Even many shipping companies do not want to accept carbonblack. Be careful in the process.

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