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Polyester Printing with Nano Carbon Black Pigment, China Best Carbon Black For printing colour paste application

Nano Carbon Black in polyester printing application difficulties

  • 1. Liquid nano pigment carbon black needs to borrow group dispersant to solve the problem of poor size stability of easy agglomeration, while the carbon black particle size, sub deletion and other components and to a large extent affects the fabric colour vividness and fastness.
  • 2. anionic/non-ionic surfactants, liquid nano carbon black and synthetic thickener compatibility, to solve the liquid carbon black and acrylic thickener compatibility and viscosity increase or even gelation, poor fluidity of the paste, difficult to print.
  • 3. Nano pigment carbon black needs to borrow group binder and other additives and fabric bonding, high colour fastness of printed fabrics and hand feel is difficult to unify.

CHINA Pigment Nano Carbon Black used for FLEXOGRAPHIC, GRAVURE INKS

What is the role of nano carbon black pigment in polyester printing?

Nano carbon black has excellent blackness, high temperature resistance, light resistance, with nano carbon black made of printed textiles with conductive, remove static charge accumulation and anti-ultraviolet light effect, nano-carbon black printed fabrics have excellent antistatic, anti-ultraviolet, light shading and small thermal conductivity.

However, nano-carbon black in the printing colour paste processing there are still some difficulties, in addition to nano-carbon black is easy to produce agglomeration, and the fibre substrate direct cargo bonding fastness is weak, resulting in poor colour fastness to friction, which seriously affects the application of its technology.

Beilum carbon black pigment for inks,Coatings, Plastics

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