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In the process of carbon black production, a certain amount of industrial wastewater will definitely be produced. Some of these wastewaters will not cause pollution to the environment, but some will not. The best way is to follow up the treatment of wastewater.

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1. Air flotation method

The wastewater is simply treated through a grille to remove large impurities and then flows into the collection tank. After adding medicine and stirring, it is moved to the inclined plate sedimentation tank. The precipitated supernatant enters the air flotation tank and enters the dissolved air tank through the reflux pump, and other debris is directly discharged. The scum and precipitated sludge scraped out by the slag scraping equipment enter the sludge concentration tank, and are then dehydrated by a vacuum filter press to form a mud cake for recycling, and the filtrate flows to the collection tank.

2. Oil agglomeration method

Add a certain amount of neutral oil (kerosene, heavy oil, gasoline, etc.) to the carbon black wastewater, stir evenly for a period of time, let it stand for clarification and separate the carbon black, filter the separated carbon black, and use an appropriate amount of tetrachloride The filter cake is washed with carbon, filtered and dried to obtain solid carbon .

Most of the modern wastewater treatment after pigment black production is to recycle the waste materials as much as possible, which not only solves the problem of random discharge of sewage, but also achieves rational utilization again.

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