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What is Water Soluble Pigment Carbon Black ( Super dispersion carbon black powder )?

What is Water Soluble Pigment Carbon Black?

Can carbon black be directly soluble in water? Generally, it is insoluble in water.

It is usually necessary to add specific additives and undergo specific treatment to achieve the effect of carbon black dissolving in water. We call this type of carbon black as water-soluble carbon black. Water-soluble pigment carbon black is a special product in carbon black. The biggest difference from other carbon blacks is that it dissolves well in water. Because water-soluble carbon black can be better dissolved in water, it is also called hydrophilic carbon black.

Pigment carbon black for inks,Coatings, Plastics - Beilum Carbon

Water-soluble Pigment Carbon Black production process

The production method adopted by carbon black manufacturers is to spray raw materials (generally anthracene oil or coal tar) into hot air or natural gas burned in a closed reaction furnace, and decompose through thermal oxidation at high temperature. Various properties of the finished carbon black can be controlled by processes such as quenching. The produced carbon black product is then separated from the smoke using a specific filtration system to make the finished product. Carbon Black Powder

After the above-mentioned original production, the original carbon black aggregates undergo special post-treatment to increase the number of surface active groups of water-soluble carbon black particles, increase their own dispersion performance, and produce water-soluble carbon black with excellent performance.

Application range of water soluble Pigment carbon black

Judging from the market situation in recent years, the application range of water-soluble carbon black is getting wider and wider, and it has already involved in various fields of people’s daily life. With the maturity of imitation porcelain coating technology, the consumption of black mortar is also increasing. Black itself can give people a noble and solemn feeling. With the application of high-grade imitation porcelain coatings in building exterior walls, it is becoming more and more popular. sought after.


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