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The use of Pigment Carbon Black in Industrial Plastics with excellent dispersion and blackness

With the development of the plastics industry, the amount of Pigment Carbon Black used in the plastics industry is also increasing. From ordinary daily-use plastics to high-end engineering plastics, carbon black is inseparable. Different industrial plastics use carbon black to play different roles.

Carbon black can be used in many places in industrial plastics, such as plastic black masterbatch, plastic foam, leather plastic, black masterbatch, black color masterbatch, anti-static industrial plastic, color paste color sand, etc. Industrial plastics usually use color masterbatch, and pigment carbon black is an important black dye for color masterbatch.

China Pigment Carbon Black For Masterbatch-Beilum carbon

The role of adding carbon black to industrial plastics

Carbon black is a plastic colorant, anti-ultraviolet aging agent and antistatic agent. Carbon black plays different roles in the plastics industry according to its dosage. However, the effects of adding carbon black to common industrial plastics include coloring, ultraviolet absorption, and electrical conductivity.

(1) Coloring effect.

Carbon black is a common cheap and high-quality black pigment. Adding carbon black to industrial plastics can add 0.1% carbon black to play a coloring effect. The thinner the plastic, the more the amount of addition, and vice versa.

(2) UV absorption

its application in plastics shows quite obvious UV protection. The surface area of pigment carbon black increases with the decrease of its particle size, but the decrease of particle size reduces the dispersibility. Therefore, in order to obtain the best ultraviolet absorption effect, it is necessary to sufficiently disperse the carbon black. In order to achieve the anti-ultraviolet effect, the general addition amount is 2.5%-3%, so as to prolong the service life of plastic products outdoors.

(3) Conductivity

the structure of carbon black is similar to the real graphite lattice. If carbon black is mixed into the plastic, when a certain concentration is formed, the aggregates will join together to form agglomerates, then the current can pass through all possible contact points, so that the volume resistance of the plastic drops rapidly. Depending on the variety of conductive carbon black in plastics, adding 10%-25% can achieve different resistances.

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