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High Color Specialty Carbon Black Used in Engineering Plastics, Molded Parts

Engineered Plastics are used for Injection molded parts and specific extrusion profiles for decorative purposes. Ours specialty carbon black meet Engineered Plastics application with high jetness, blue undertone and excellent UV absorption..


Recommend Grades For engineering Plastics and molded parts :

BS740, BS80, BL260, BL240, BL180

Specialty Carbon Black provide several important functionalities to molded parts including:

Pigmentation to provide deep color

Surface smoothness to ensure aesthetic quality

Physical cleanliness to maintain mechanical properties of the overall part

We offer a range of carbon black that provide superior color for molded parts (including injection or blow molded parts) used in the consumer, industrial and automotive markets.

Our specialty carbon can provide long lasting color or opacity to a wide range of polymers ranging from polyolefins to engineering thermoplastics.

Our products improve the performance of plastics and provide the required color and surface finish properties while extending their useful life.

High color pigment black offer excellent dispersibility, exhibiting deep jetness with a distinctive blue undertone, gloss and high durability in a wide range of high performance resin systems. Engineering Plastics applicaton.

Engineered Plastics Carbon Black Features

pigment carbon black used in engineering plastics, Mold parts

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