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How to choose better Pigment Carbon Black and Reasons for the formation of blue phase and red phase of pigment carbon black

In the pigment carbon black industry, various products will have different changes in color after careful observation and identification.

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Generally speaking, the blackness of pigment carbon black has the most direct relationship with its original particle size. The smaller the original particle size, the higher its blackness and the more obvious the red phase will be.

In practice, The higher the requirements for grinding equipment in use; carbon black products with larger particle sizes will show a better blue phase, but their own blackness is not as good as the former. Black is produced when all sunlight is absorbed and there is no visual representation of reflected light.

At the same time, we know that very small particles reflect very little light. In physics, there is a certain relationship between wavelength and particle size.

For black pigments, this means that the particle distribution of carbon black particles in the final coating determines which part of the wavelength of light will be reflected better and faster. Correspondingly, black paint will show a blue, red or brown phase.

China Pigment Carbon Black -Beilum Carbon

It can be seen that the dispersion of the blue phase and red phase of the pigment carbon black is not due to any problem with the pigment carbon black, but because of the problem of carbon black reflecting light. The formation of different hues does not affect the choice of carbon black. You only need to pay attention to the products you are processing when choosing. Even if you choose the wrong color, you can use other colors to make it the color you want.

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