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Wide range of pigment carbon black applications in the beauty industry !

Pigment carbon black in the beauty industry has always had an indispensable position, safe and harmless coloring and good, a variety of cosmetics have the figure of carbon black, beauty industry pigment carbon black is extremely wide range of uses.

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1, eyebrow pencil

Eyebrow pencil is one of the uses of pigment carbon black, pencil-type eyebrow pencil and push-pull eyebrow pencil need to use powder carbon black, the only difference is that the pencil-type eyebrow pencil needs to add a small amount of carbon black to grease and wax, and push-pull eyebrow pencil dosage is more. It’s easy to color, and it’s smooth and noticeable to use.

2. Mascara

Mascara, common use of carbon black powder, add it, mild and non-irritating, so that the mascara has a good fixation, the effect is natural and the advantage of ultra-long stay makeup, and at the same time will not be fast drying, clumping and cracking, resulting in the effect of fly legs, no harm, no risk, suitable for a variety of people to use.

3、Hair dye

Beauty industry’s most common use of pigment carbon black is applied in hair dye, is a respected natural dyes, non-allergic and does not hurt the hair, the color is long-lasting and does not fade, full black, is now a popular hair dye products.

4, black mask

Black mask is emerging in recent years the use of pigment carbon black, carbon black has a strong adsorption capacity, black mask focus on the concept of black absorption black, adsorption of dirt in the pores, vaguely also comes with the effect of whitening, the cleaning ability is very strong, the reputation has been good.

In the beauty industry pigment carbon black is widely used, a variety of cosmetics can see its figure, pure natural pollution-free, but also inexpensive, strong coloring power, low structure, the status has been unshakeable.

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