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Dispersion of Pigment Carbon Black is determined by Three major factors !

The dispersion of Pigment Carbon Black is very important , and it is also a major technical difficulty for manufacturers. The degree of dispersion of carbon black directly affects its hue, blackness and hiding ability, thereby ultimately affecting product quality.

pigment carbon black for Paints & Coatings-Polyurethane Lacquer

Solve the problem of pigment carbon black dispersion through the following three aspects:

Essential characteristics:

The polymerization of pigment carbon black particles is very strong, and its oil absorption capacity is also very good. The original particle size and structure of pigment carbon black will directly affect the dispersion performance of Carbon Black Pigment. Under normal circumstances, the dispersion is relatively The easy ones are pigmented carbon blacks with large original particle size, high structure and high volatile content.

User formula:

A large part of the dispersion of carbon black is determined by its material formula, mainly affected by the properties of base materials, solvents and resins. These are user formulas, and the choice of formula materials has an important impact on speciality carbon black. Black dispersion has almost a decisive influence.

Dispersing equipment:

In addition to the above two factors, it is also very important to choose good dispersing equipment. This is also one of the tasks that all manufacturers must pay attention to.

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