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How to maximize conductive carbon black conductive properties !? Best Conductive Carbon Black supplier in China

Conductive Carbon black’s conductive effect and low cost, while excellent conductivity and cost-effective so that it is widely used in conductive and anti-static products, in lithium batteries, energy field is also increasingly favored.

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Measures to improve the conductivity of carbon black

reduce the particle size of conductive carbon black: theoretical conditions, the smaller the particle size of carbon black, the more the number of particles, the higher the electrical conductivity of carbon black, so the conductivity of plastic products, the general control of the particle size is generally between 20-40nm, when the carbon black conductivity is the best.

2. change the structure of conductive carbon black: the size of the DBP value is closely related to the size and structure of the carbon black aggregates, general DBP value is high when the carbon black structure for the chain dendritic or linear, this high structure of carbon black, excellent conductivity.

3. the conductive carbon black has a certain degree of roughness: roughness can make the carbon black to form a conductive channel, so the nitrogen adsorption surface area and the surface area of the CTAB there is a large difference between the better.

4. limit the volatile matter of conductive carbon black: volatile matter will affect the conductivity of carbon black, need to be controlled at a lower level.

5. reduce the ash and moisture of conductive carbon black: ash and moisture and other non-carbon materials such as the content is too high, will make the carbon black content is reduced, so reduce the content of non-carbon materials, relatively increase the content of carbon black.

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