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How to disperse specialty carbon black? Is there a special dispersant for carbon black?

Dispersibility has always been one of the important indicators of carbon black. How is specialty carbon black dispersed? Is there a dispersant specifically used for carbon black?

This article will give you a comprehensive explanation on the issue of carbon black dispersants.

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How to disperse specialty carbon black Powder, principle of carbon black dispersion:

The surface area of pigment carbon black that has undergone oxidation treatment is generally relatively large, and it is easy to absorb moisture in the surrounding environment. Over time, flocculation will occur, so a stable dispersion system must be formed.

Carbon black dispersion mainly forms a resin or polymer coating layer on the surface of pigment carbon black, so that the original pigment agglomerates form more stable small agglomerates (it must have sufficient affinity or force with the pigment surface to be able to The stronger and more stable adsorption layer on the pigment surface is the wrapping layer).

Dispersants specially used for specialty carbon black:

There are dispersants specifically used for carbon black, but now the carbon black dispersants used for different uses are different, which makes many people unable to get them. In fact, the choice of carbon black dispersant must be consistent with the solvent in the carbon black dispersion system. Carbon black dispersants must also form stronger adsorption with pigments than resins and solvents to achieve dispersion. Of course, different carbon blacks require different dispersants.

How much specialty carbon black dispersant should be added?

Generally speaking, 1% to 3% of carbon black dispersant can be used based on the total amount.

However, if you are making carbon black slurry, you need to add it to about 15%. If the carbon black and resin were ground together before, adding 3% is usually enough. The amount of dispersant required for dispersing carbon black in a water-based system is still relatively large. It is recommended that the amount of dispersant added is more than 30% of carbon black (based on effective points). Of course, it depends on the engineers to do some experimental comparisons.

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