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Specialty Carbon Blacks For Automotive Coatings & Refinish Paint, High Quality Carbon Black NO.1 Manufacturer

Beilum Carbon Supply High Color Specialty Carbon Blacks for Automotive Coatings and Refinish Paint applications with High jetness and reliable Tinting performance, Blue undertone. Pigment Carbon Black & Specialty Carbon Black China Manufacturer.


Specialty Carbon Black For Automotive Coatings / Refinish Paint Features

High jetness, Blue undertone and low viscosity

Specialty Carbon Blacks For Automotive Coatings / Refinish Paint China Supplier

Highest jetness in combination with a bluish undertone in automotive coatings. Beilum carbon black products used for both water-based and solvent-based systems automotive coatings

Carbon Blacks for high jetness applications are characterized by the following key parameters:

  • small mean primary particle size
  • small mean aggregate size
  • narrow primary particle and aggregate size distribution
  • good dispersibility
  • balanced surface chemistry

Recommend Beilum Pigment Carbon Black Grades: BCT1 , BCT2, BC1000, BC1100

specialty carbon blacks for automotive paints
Specialty carbon black, Good dispersion, High Jetness
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