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The role of Conductive Carbon Black in conductive rubber, Best conductive carbon black China manufacturer

Conductive rubber has rubber’s inherent high elasticity, easy molding and processing, light weight and other characteristics. According to the comprehensive performance of the products need to choose the conductive filler to give the rubber conductive properties, conductive filler, including conductive carbon black, graphite, carbon fiber, metal powder, etc., generally choose carbon black as a conductive filler for rubber.

Carbon black as a rubber conductive filler principle:

First, the theory of conductive pathway: the chain structure of conductive carbon black particles are not subject to high polymer wetting and exposure of carbon materials by contacting each other link to form a network, the role of the voltage in the mesh chain moves to form a conductive pathway.

Second, the tunnel effect theory: refers to the conductive specialty carbon black particles between the electronic jump so that it has electrical conductivity, the premise of the theory is that the carbon black particles do not exist between the interlinked conductive pathway.

Conductive Carbon Black in the role of conductive rubber in the conductive properties of the premise, you can make the rubber play a conductive, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding effect. At the same time because of its relatively low price, easier to mix into the rubber, making it a conductive rubber more widely used conductive filler.

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Characteristics of conductive carbon black on the impact of conductivity:

In general, the finer the primary particles of carbon black, the smaller the specific surface area, the smaller the formation of primary aggregates, the distance between the aggregates is small, easier to form conductive pathways.

Generally speaking, carbon black with high structure has high electrical conductivity. For example, the stronger the ability of carbon black with a chain-dendritic structure to form a network, the greater the possibility of generating conductive pathways.

In general, carbon black should have a small particle size, large specific surface area, high structure, high degree of graphitization, and the carbon black that meets the conditions are conductive furnace black, acetylene carbon black and so on.

The use of carbon black for conductive rubber: it can be used in anti-static materials, transportation pipes, conductive coatings, adhesives, cables, batteries and other products.

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