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Plastics Carbon Black is a plastic colorant, anti-UV aging agent and antistatic agent.

With the development of the plastics industry, the amount of carbon black used in the plastics industry has gradually increased. Taking the changes in carbon black consumption composition in the United States from 1970 to 1990 as an example, it can be seen that the growth rate of carbon black for plastics is the fastest.

Pigment Carbon Black For Plastics - Beilum Carbon

China’s plastics industry is developing rapidly. According to the planning of the plastics industry, China’s annual output of plastic products, consumption of synthetic resins and carbon black is increasing.

Compared with rubber carbon black, although the amount of plastics carbon black is not large, it has a greater impact on the performance of plastics, so the quality requirements for plastics carbon black are more stringent. Plastic products with different uses have different requirements for carbon black performance, but like other plastic pigments, they have the following common requirements:

1. Bright color and strong tinting power.
2. Good dispersion.
3. Good heat resistance and weather resistance.
4. Good extraction resistance and migration resistance.
5. Does not affect the hardening properties of plastic (thermosetting resin).
6. Does not affect the moldability of plastics.
7. Does not reduce the mechanical strength of plastics.
8. Does not reduce the electrical properties of plastics.
9. Non-toxic and pollution-free.

China plastics carbon black from Beilum Carbon
Compared with other organic or inorganic pigments, plastics carbon black has better properties except that it is more difficult to disperse. Only in applications with high blending amounts of antistatic or conductive properties will it have a certain impact on the mechanical properties of plastics.


Carbon black is basically non-toxic, but it is easy to fly and pollute. Therefore, it is often used in the plastics industry in the form of masterbatch, which not only eliminates pollution but also improves the dispersion of carbon black in plastics.

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