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Principles for selecting Best ink carbon black for Printing inks application

The finer the particle size of the ink carbon black, the larger the surface area, which makes the base material system have higher viscosity and greater thixotropy. Pigment carbon black is a substance with a large surface area, so it has a certain degree of hygroscopicity.

The moisture absorption of ink carbon black is mainly determined by the surface area. Especially during the packaging, storage and transportation processes, measures should be taken to reduce the hygroscopicity of the product. Because excessive moisture (moisture absorption) will cause trouble in the processing process, special packaging is required for certain types of ink carbon black.

When the particle size decreases or the surface area increases, the blackness and viscosity increase, and the dispersion and gloss decrease. When the structure increases, the blackness and gloss increase, and the viscosity and dispersion increase. When the acid value increases, the blackness, dispersion and gloss increase, and the viscosity decreases.Ink carbon black-Beilum Carbon

The structure is the form of carbon black aggregates. Generally, the more and denser the chain branches, the higher the structure, and vice versa. Low-structure carbon black has stronger tinting power, better brightness and better blackness. Compared with high-structure carbon black, it is more difficult to disperse, so a dispersant with better dispersion performance should be used. Especially for high color pigment carbon black, if a suitable dispersant is not used, or a good dispersant is used but the dosage is insufficient, or the dispersant is somewhat incompatible with the resin system, well-dispersed pigment particles will easily flocculate.

pH value is an important indicator to measure the degree of surface oxidation of carbon black aggregates.

The oxygen content and surface acidic oxygen-containing groups of pigment carbon black determine the surface chemical properties of carbon black. The surface of furnace carbon black has few functional groups and a small amount of soluble salts. The carbon black itself is mostly neutral or weakly alkaline. The number of surface functional groups is changed through surface oxidation treatment to make the PH value acidic and improve the dispersion performance, viscosity, stability and fluidity of the ink carbon black.

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