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Pigment Carbon Black Extends Life of Plastic Products !

Pigment carbon black uses and applications in a wide range, in which a large part is used in the field of plastics, in the plastics industry plays a key role in the coloring, as well as UV resistance, electrical conductivity and other indispensable role. So the use of pigment carbon black in the field of plastics need to have how the performance?

1, pigment carbon black use: coloring

This is one of the most obvious uses of pigmented carbon black, in the plastics industry is also inexpensive black pigment.

2, Color carbon black use: antioxidant

Maintaining the surface of plastics from direct radiation of light wavelengths, avoiding the aging of plastics and increasing their service life are the most important uses of pigment carbon black in plastic products. Many experiments have proved that plastics with a concentration value of two percent of pigmented carbon black can do a good job of shielding ultraviolet light.

The protective effect of pigment carbon black on the ultraviolet aging of plastics lies in the particle size, structure and surface acids of carbon black. The particle size of carbon black is smaller, because the surface area is expanded, its ability to absorb light or block the light to improve, so the UV protective effect is improved, but the particle size is less than 20nm, the protective effect tends to the same level, the reason is that when the particle size is too small, the reverse transmittance is reduced, and again the forward light will jeopardize the reliability of the polymer.

High quality pigment carbon black-acetylene black -conductive carbon

Pigment carbon black itself is lower in structure, that is, the aggregate specification is smaller, because the aggregate volume is smaller, will improve the protective effect on the plastic polymer, which is also lower in structure of the carbon black blackness is more black, but also in the plastic products in the main speciality carbon black use.

Pigment carbon black surface contains more oxygen groups, that is, when the volatile content is higher, it can remove the gene groups that occur when the polymer is dissolved, and thus the protective effect is also improved accordingly.

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