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The role of water-soluble carbon black in cement, With good blackness and excellent dispersion !

Water-soluble carbon black are Commonly used in cement highways, railways, bridges, undersea tunnels, colored ceramic tile caulking agents, cement bricks, asbestos tiles, roofing materials, asbestos cement boards, cement building boards and other cement building materials for coloring, i.e. black or gray Colorant.

Due to the operation and application of cement or asbestos cement in water-based media, it has the same requirements for carbon black as papermaking, adding a moisturizing agent and dispersing it in water. Water-soluble pigment carbon black has excellent affinity, adsorption, dispersion, adhesion, lubricity and coloring properties in cement.

water-soluble carbon black - cement carbon black

Good water solubility, high quality stability, no precipitation, no whitening, easy to form and demould, which can greatly reduce the damage rate.

It has a wide range of acid and alkali resistance (PH value between 4-12), and has good light resistance and weather resistance.

Small amount of blending (0.2%-5%), good workability, easy to use, good water-reducing properties, quick brick formation, cheap price, and cost-effectiveness are much better than similar products.

In addition to coloring, water-soluble carbon black and pigment carbon black can also be used as cement crushing accelerator, which can shorten the crushing time, promote finer particle size, and increase the fluidity of dry powder. For example, adding 1.3% can shorten the crushing time. 1/3. For example, if cement dry powder is coated with 0.2~1% asphalt film, and then mixed with 02~1.5% water-soluble carbon black (particle size <70mm), a kind of cement with low water permeability, high compressive strength and adhesion to steel bars can be created. Portland cement is a highly compatible cement that also contains 2 to 5% gypsum.

Mixing water-soluble carbon black and carbon fiber into concrete in an appropriate proportion can make the concrete conductive and can be used for anti-static purposes.

Pigment Carbon Black used in Asphalt

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