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What are the important functions of pigment carbon black indicators?

Pigment carbon black mainly includes particle size, iodine absorption value, DBP absorption value, tinting strength, PH value, addition and subtraction, ash content, sieve residue, appearance, tinting strength, volatile matter, heating loss and other indicators.

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Particle size The average geometric diameter of particles is usually measured, called particle size, and is expressed in nm. Electron microscopy (ten thousand times electron microscope) can directly observe and measure the particle size of carbon black.

The iodine absorption value, also called the specific surface area, can be measured by the low-temperature nitrogen adsorption method. Simple iodine adsorption methods are also available in the world. Measurements represent surface area per gram in m2/g.

The absorption value, also known as the DBP absorption value, is the adsorption of carbon black using butyl phthalate DBP. The amount of DBP consumed during adsorption equilibrium represents the high adsorption value of carbon black structure size, and vice versa.

The PH value represents the acidity and alkalinity of carbon black. Furnace carbon black is generally alkaline PH7. The PH value of pigment carbon black is only between 3-5, and its volatile content is relatively high.

The appearance is divided into powdery and granular forms.

Tinting power means that carbon black dyed white bodies generally have high tinting power and good covering properties.

Volatile components are groups adsorbed on the surface of carbon black pigment such as oxygen-containing functional groups such as carboxyl groups, quinone groups, lactone groups, and hydroxyl groups, and represent the surface chemical properties of pigment carbon black. It is related to pH value.

Heating loss measures the moisture content of carbon black at a certain temperature, which is related to the environment in which carbon black is generated.

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